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Snow Much Fun

February 13, 2010

I know it’s been a really really long time since I posted on here and for that I apologize.  Time got away from me!

I thought I would give a little update and let everyone know what we have been up to.  As you know my parents came out for December with Jim and we had a blast. James had never seen Amelia before so he spent lots of time with her and had a great time.  The visit went by far too quickly though, I wish we could do it all again but I think that may just be a dream for a while.

January has brought lots of things for Amelia…more teeth (much to our chagrin), crawling, scooting on her ride-on toy, pulling herself up and standing on her own.  It all moves so fast – where’s the pause button?  Thankfully I have tons of pictures and even caught her crawling for the first time on video.  I am sure you have visions of me camped out waiting for it but it wasn’t quite like that.  She just decided she wanted Mojo’s ball and started crawling towards it. It’s a good job I was recording because I had to rewind it back to check that I wasn’t seeing things!

Last night we got lots of snow (well lots for South Carolina) and we had some fun getting some pictures of her for her 47th week outside. I can’t believe I will be able to add snow pics to her one year album…very unlikely. People are out in their yards making the most of it and when you look down there street there are several snowmen too. I know everyone in the UK has had their fill of snow so it’s probably not all that exciting but for me this is great!

Here are the pics from this morning…


Happy Halloween…and a picture treat!

October 31, 2009

Well pretty much a whole month has gone by since we last posted on here.

We ran to the beach this weekend to escape trick or treaters and the doorbell being rung for hours…all we could picture were the dogs barking and Amelia crying. Next year she’ll be able to dress up and join in a little more. Adam woke up unusually prepared for Halloween this morning with what looked like a shiner! We have decided it was either a bug bite or magic! It certainly wasn’t me 🙂

Amelia has had a fairly tough month with her teeth but we’re thrilled to pieces that she now has two to show for all the tears and screams. She also seems to have got a handle on her new (ridiculously sharp) teeth and chewing on her fingers. She is almost able to sit up from a lying position…she has abs of steel. The biggest thing of all for this month is that now she barely needs bibs other than for dinner time. It used to be that even when we changed her we would end up having to change her outfit and the changing pad cover every time because it was so bad.

Adam has been slogging the good slog and I’ve been watching over Amelia. We are so glad we got the video camera so that we can capture the fun moments. There are always so many and they really do pass so quickly.

Ro and Mo are still continuing with the moat which seems to have a duel purpose…not only is it their favorite thing to do but it’s also their favorite place to sit (especially when they’re caught in the rain). Little do they know that it’ll be filled in shortly. Of course it will mean they’ll start all over again but hey-ho.

Well no post would be complete without a picture, and of course we had to join in the festivities a little 😉

halloween collage

Fall/Autumn is Officially Here!

October 3, 2009

It’s been great weather this last week and it seems like everyone over on this side of the pond is looking forward to breaking out a new wardrobe for the cooler weather.  Anyone who has suffered the summer humidity over here knows what I mean.

We took the opportunity today to go and visit Beaufort’s Pumpkin Patch before they were all bought or went bad.  Amelia had fun in the straw and we had to stop her trying to eat it a few times!  We decided not to brave the crowds at the Shrimp Festival as it was busting at the seams…honestly we just didn’t have the energy for crowds and a potentially crying Amelia.

Adam and I are beginning to scratch our heads as far as the weight gain goes as it has come to stop pretty much for the last three weeks sadly putting her under the 10th percentile again.  At least we’re not alone as a good friend of mine is having the same problem with her daughter of the same age.  Perhaps it’s a teething thing?

Other than that the package my Mum sent over a month ago finally arrived…lots of new wintery clothes including the most adorable party dress!  Thanks Mum 🙂

Well, I am all cooked out and ready to watch a movie (which means Adam will be watching the movie whilst I sleep). 

28 week collage b

September is almost gone…

September 28, 2009

Amelia passed her 6 month birthday, she’s gaining weight, trying new foods and having a ball.  Whilst feeding Amelia solids can be messy we have such a blast as she is trying new things.  She loves yogurt in the morning with a fruit puree and in the evenings she has something savory.  We were worried it would affect her weight but it’s actually helped it.

Can you believe that September is almost over?  Where does the time go?

We visited with friends this weekend, it was so nice to go somewhere and do something.  We had great food and great company – thanks Tamara and Justin!  Adam power-washed the house also so now the house is back to being yellow.  Now, if only we could wave a wand and get our garden looking as good as the house!

Adam is still encouraging Amelia to walk whilst I am happy seeing her swing back and forth in her jumperoo.  She still isn’t giving us any hints as to what her first word will be no matter how hard Adam tries to brainwash her with da-da.  She blankly stares at him and then falls silent.  I have carefully suggested that his gruff tone of “say da-da” may make her think she’s being told off hahaha 

Her fave teething toy is her fist although it frequently ends up with spit up everywhere because she gags!  They say she’ll learn but I am not so sure.

Mojo and Rosie continue their quest for the perfect mushroom which results in us having to scour the garden before they go outside.  Their continuing mission to dig a moat around the back side of the house is also impressive and I would imagine by the new year will be close to completion!  Little do they know the plans we have for them hehehehe

I hope you’re all ok, we’d love to hear from you when you get a chance.

Before I sign off, I have a couple of pics available from this week and last week…

6 months and having a ball on the floor

6 months and having a ball on the floor

out for the count

out for the count




Almost there…

September 14, 2009

We’re almost at the 6 month mark for Amelia and we are just amazed at how fast time flies!  You don’t really believe what people tell you until you see for yourself.  At least we have pictures and videos and a blog and diaries…you get the picture.  I’m not neurotic or obsessed or anything hahaha

Amelia is still teething and although there are some hard times, we are still finding some time to have fun.  It’s becoming a little easier to distinguish between Amelia’s screeching (something that, according to my Dad, she inherited from me and my mum – nice).  Sometimes she’s telling us how happy she is and other times she’s warning us of an impending meltdown.  Sadly, it’s only been recently that we have noticed and, as such, have had to suffer a few meltdowns. 

I noticed today that she is trying to sit up on her own.  If you lay her down with a pillow under her head she’ll raise her head and shoulders off of it for a while before realizing she needs to work out a little bit more. 

Her hair is also growing quickly which we are thankful of because despite the fact that we put her in pink all the time I still have people tell me what a gorgeous little boy I have…seriously!!  If you’re not sure of the sex then simply say what a gorgeous baby!!  Once her hair comes in I guess she can start to wear barettes from time to time. 

Adam and I have been just fine.  I threw my back out last weekend and was grumpy and unsociable for the most part.  We have been visiting with friends, watching season’s 1 & 2 of Chuck (thanks for the suggestion Jim) while Amelia has been asleep.  Just muddling along really…

I managed to get so many pictures I liked this week…so here are the latest pics. 

Look at me walking...

Look at me walking...


25 week collage d


Daddy, you're so silly!

Daddy, you're so silly!



25 week collage c


24 the garden

24 the garden

New Toys and New Food

August 30, 2009

It’s been an up and down week with Miss Amelia who we believe is teething…her favorite teething toy is her fist 🙂  No sign of the first tooth yet but as I have been told…it can take some time!

Between the tears though, we are seeing her personality come through.  She’s very chatty and I think Adam may be wondering if he’ll ever be able to get a word in edge ways in later years.  It’s interesting to listen to her though as she looks so happy with herself that she is communicating with us.  If only we had a translator…

Tis the season for figs so we decided to give them a try with Amelia.  I think fig puree may be one of her favorites.  It is an odd choice for a first food but, they were on offer!  She smacked her lips and had it all over the place.  I loved watching Adam’s face as he fed her today, not enjoying the figs he tried himself, he had a sort of disgusted face with each spoonful.  She was stuffing her fists in her mouth as well as eating a spoonful of food, then she wiped her hands all over her face and tray.  I don’t think he realized how messy it can get without a cloth to wipe up!  Hehehe…perhaps I should have warned him.

We got her some new toys for her exersaucer, toys that she can grow with (with a tea party theme).  After looking at the toys that were on there already, we were underwhelmed with them.  She looks like she’s enjoying them…


Bumbo Fashion Show

August 24, 2009

And here Amelia is modelling several new onesies whilst also showing her enthusiasm for her new Bumbo chair….

5 month collage

At 5 Months & just over 12lbs she is doing so well…we’re having all kinds of fun watching and listening to her.  From the new sounds she is making I am more convinced everyday that she is trying to say the word ‘Geek’…Adam continues his quest to get her to walk.  And we were both excited to see her sitting up alone (albeit for only 3-4 seconds) just a couple of days ago.  Woohoo for Amelia.

Happy weekend to everyone!